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(Yongda Xing) National Weifang Diesel Generator Sale Best Price

Date:2016年3月2日 16:04

Yongda Xing assembled Weichai diesel generator used copper wire generator configured Weifang diesel generator sets, diesel power selected Ricardo R series engine is the same dielectric large enterprises Weifang Diesel Engine Factory and a British joint venture, R4105, R6105, power range 40KW-100KW, Weifang diesel generator set stable quality, cheap. Weichai 6170 series diesel engines are manufactured by large state enterprises in Weifang Diesel Engine Factory, Weifang Diesel is designed in the 1990s to develop a new generation of models, designed to absorb foreign advanced diesel engine design, product performance and price concessions. This factory sold all units for the new machine, a penalty at ten. Legal guarantees. 24-hour free hotline: 400-6088-009

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