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(Yongda Xing) introduced diesel generator room noise processing method

Date:2016年3月2日 16:03

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Abstract: The high-power diesel generator noise RECONSTURCTION PROJECT narrow space. Through the transformation of the original room, increased noise, sound absorption, ventilation and other measures to make the generator noise emission standards.
1 Introduction
IBM Company is located in Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone, the company plant within 1 Cummins - Ao Nang DFLC 1 120KW diesel generator set. The original generator noise control project built by a Hong Kong company, the noise outside the room is 3m at 62.7dB (A). Generator due to excessive noise is, the need to reinvent the project, in order to meet the national standard GB3097-93 standard class Ⅱ region, namely daytime noise level ≤60 dB (A), the evening noise value ≤60 dB (A).
2 noise sources
Diesel generator running noise include intake and exhaust noise, combustion noise and mechanical noise produced by the moving parts and the like. The unit operation (no-load) timing room (measuring point 1) the noise value of 105.2 dB (A), after the original treatment from the exhaust louver at 3m (measuring point 2) noise is 65.8 dB (A), outside the plant boundary 1m at (measuring point 3) noise is 62.7 dB (A).
Noise propagation path inside and outside of the engine room there is room into the wind at the location of the unit at the exhaust, the exhaust pipe, the engine room doors.
Higher sound pressure due to noise source, while the room is small in size and must be reformed based on the original, and therefore difficult.
3 original noise control measures
3.1 soundproof room
Install insulation in the generator room location, size of 8.0m × 3.0m × 3.5m, soundproof room using [channel 10 as a scaffold, deposited on 100mm thick insulation boards. Outer wall insulation board is 1.2mm galvanized plate. 0.8mm inner wall perforated plate (aperture Φ3, the opening rate of 20%), intermediate filling of 32kg / m3 ultra-fine glass wool, glass wool filling concave channel.
3.2 Exhaust muffler
Generator exhaust fan comes to rely on, install AES Rectangle exhaust muffler in front of the house, muffler size 1.2m × 1.1m × 0.9m, built muffler silencer sheet thickness 200mm, spacing 100mm. Muffler galvanized sheet using both sides of the perforated plate fine glass wool folder structure. 9 of the same size muffler assembled into a 1.2m × 3.3m × 2.7m large muffler. 300mm at the front muffler exhaust same size blinds.
3.3 inlet silencer
Installation of natural ventilation muffler soundproof room at the top. Muffler exhaust muffler with production, net muffler length of 1.0m, cross-sectional dimensions of 3.4m × 2.0m, muffler sheet thickness 200mm, spacing 200mm, external muffler unlined 90 ° bend muffler, muffler elbow length 1.2 m.
3.4 Exhaust muffler
By supporting the original generator of two residential type muffler, flue gas silencer after the merger as a Φ450mm pipe smoke from exhaust emissions blinds projecting upward.
4 primary advantages and disadvantages of control measures
4.1 Advantages
(1) generator radiator exhaust directly out emissions, no elbow, small resistance loss of about 172Pa, less power loss. P = ερu2 / 2
Where P - pressure loss;
u - wind speed 6.7 m / s;
ε- drag coefficient, taking 6.440;
ρ- air density, take 1.2.
(2) the use of exhaust silencer residential type muffler, exhaust back pressure of small, high-efficiency combustion generators, small power loss.
4.2 shortcomings
(1) Natural room to take into the wind, and the intake air is small in size (3.4m2), have a greater negative pressure room, it is difficult to meet the combustion and heat generators used.
Low (2) soundproof room sound insulation value, channel and insulation plate poorly sealed joints, noise outside the room at 0.5m (measuring point 4) noise is 86.3dB (A).
(3) Exhaust noise is large, the distance is too short silencer produce this problem.
(4) exhaust noise, residential type muffler noise attenuation value up to only 25dB (A).
5 governance reform measures
Renovation project must try to keep the original room structure, the initial transformation measures as the following:
(1) increase in noise insulation housing wall thickness.
(2) exhaust muffler longer distance, while increasing the installed 300mm thick acoustic louvers.
(3) increase the installation 300mm thick muffler inlet louvers.
(4) increasing the mandatory installation of air intake fan.
(5) increase the installation of three exhaust system expansion chamber muffler.
After consultation with the Party, the Party believes acoustic louvers to change the appearance of the room, so the air intake and exhaust muffler louver can not be installed. After final discussions to determine rehabilitation programs are as follows:
(1) soundproof room in both directions near the outer door of the room to increase noise insulation wall thickness of 50mm. First with the original stickers ∠50 angle iron wall insulation installed a framework, then filling 32kg / m3 fine glass wool outer panel 1.2mm galvanized plate, all seams are sealed with glass, plastic, and joint with the original groove steel joints staggered.
(2) the original acoustic room door insulation performance is poor, in order to prevent noise leakage between the concierge and door frames using a felt seal.
(3) because of the short distance exhaust muffler, the exhaust-room read: 2m from the generator exhaust port provided at 3.3m, length 4.3m, height 0.2m thick walls, combined generator exhaust upward movement, muffler and then drains down from the original blinds. Subject to 6mm thick steel walls, both sides are putting the 100mm thick 32kg / m3 ultra-fine glass wool, and then 1.2mm thick galvanized perforated plate for surface protection. Exhaust turning parts made of curvature larger air guide groove (guide duct panel is 1.2mm thick galvanized perforated plate, filled with 2kg / m3 fine glass wool), minimize wind resistance, so that the exhaust smooth.
(4) an increase in the side of the room by forcing into the wind turbine installation and install silencer elbow and AES-type muffler (silencer effective length 1.6m). Intake air volume is 30000 m3 / h, controlled by piece muffler winds ≤6m / s, so that it does not produce secondary noise. At the same time reduced to 4.32m / s, the silencing effect will be better than before through the original natural ventilation muffler wind speed.
(5) increase the installation of three exhaust system expansion chamber muffler, and two smoke pipes are lead to the outdoor discharge to avoid turbulence noise.
(6) damping measures. Because JP rubber isolation pads when the original generator installed base is already installed, damping work primarily on the exhaust pipe and the exhaust muffler, smoke pipes and mufflers are made of DJ-type damping hanger mounted on the roof insulation to reduce low frequency noise propagation.
6 Conclusions
High-power diesel generator set noise level is high, heat, without prejudice to the power unit case, noise reduction and heat dissipation are key noise control engineering. Through these measures, basically eliminating noise pollution generators.
When the project acceptance, the city environmental monitoring station at 11:30 pm, measured at 1m outside the plant boundary noise is 49.8dB (A), up to the national standard of Class Ⅱ district standard GB3097-93, so the noise control renovation project is a success .
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