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What conditions two diesel generators and machine using a

Date:2016年3月2日 16:03

Yongda Hing generators parallel system - details

Features: 24-hour free hotline -400-6088-009

1, multiple units in parallel to the power grid, automatic load distribution, power supply more reliable.

2, centralized scheduling, enabling maintenance, maintenance, easy to replace.

3. Replace with the economy, according to the size of the load, put the appropriate unit operation to reduce fuel, oil waste.

4, more flexibility for future expansion, according to the need for expansion, increased at any time generator sets to meet the needs of increased load。

And Information Systems Category:

1, manual parallel screen - automatic load distribution, labor scheduling, manual input, manually splitting.

2, automatic parallel screen - automatic load distribution, automatic scheduling programmable controller automatically put into the load changes, splitting and emergency start automatically investment。

ATS automatic switching system

The screen automatically switches (abbreviated ATS) hospitals, banks, telecommunications, airports, stations, hotels, firefighting equipment and other important emergency power supply equipment. It self-starting diesel generator emergency power acting together, can automatically switch power outage within 6-10 seconds. Standard configuration automatically switches the main screen: 24-hour free telephone consultation -400-6088-009

1, four-pole automatic switch;

2 mains / power / three-phase load indicator;

3, mains / generator switch on indication;

4, mains / generator / automatic / manual selection engine;

5, the load terminal voltage meter and select engine Optional: automatic float charger, rechargeable electric horn, charging switch.

Check the controller 24 hour free hotline -400-6088-009

Manual, automatic, three shake Intelligent Control System

Provided the unit start / stop function and have the following functions:

1, the start / stop control;

2, the three want AC current display;

3, voltage selector switch;

4, a frequency / temperature / oil pressure / operating time / battery voltage display;

5, emergency stop;

6, Alarm function: speeding, high water temperature, low oil pressure, overload;

7, low oil pressure, charging failure;

8, the protection function: low oil pressure, high temperature, overspeed, emergency and other pre-protection。 24-hour free telephone consultation -400-6088-009

Communication port provides the user a path: For more information, including not obtained from the panel, accessories, software can display all the measured parameters and status information, and can set various parameters controller with RS485 communication port。 By linear frame joints, allowing up to 255 can be connected with a series of controllers on the communication bus, each device has a unique ID number, then another PS485 / RS232 converter, you can access PC or MODEM。 Truly unattended, self-priming, self-administered, self-protection integrated remote monitoring capabilities。 24-hour free telephone consultation -400-6088-009

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