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Chongqing Cummins product configuration instructions

Date:2016年3月2日 16:10

1. Description Yongda Xing diesel (engine): Chongqing Cummins

1) The basic design features:

Cylinder design rugged, small vibration, low noise; in-line 6-cylinder, four-stroke, smooth operation, high efficiency; replace wet cylinder liners, long life, easy maintenance; cover a two-cylinder, four-valve per cylinder, intake full performance Excellence; forced water cooling, thermal radiation is small.

2) Fuel System:

Cummins PT fuel system patented, unique overspeed protection devices; low-pressure pipelines, pipe small, low failure rate, high reliability; high-pressure injection, combustion. Equipped with fuel supply and oil return check valve, safe and reliable.

3) Intake System:

Equipped with a dry air filter and air resistance indicator, use HOLSET exhaust turbocharger, intake full performance is guaranteed.

4) Exhaust system:

Pulse dry exhaust pipe, which can effectively utilize the exhaust energy, full engine performance; equipped with a 127mm diameter exhaust elbow and exhaust bellows for easy connection。

5) Lubrication system:

60GAL variable flow pump, with the main oil pipe signal, according to the main oil to adjust the oil pressure fuel pump,

Optimization of the amount of oil into the engine; low oil pressure (241-345kPa), these measures will reduce the pumping power

Loss, increase power, improve the economy of the engine。

6) Cooling System:

Using engine gear centrifugal pumps forced water cooling, large flow waterway design, cooling effect, can effectively reduce heat radiation and noise. Spin-mounted water filters, to prevent rust and corrosion, control the acidity and remove impurities

7) power output:

Before the shock absorber can be mounted dual slot power output of the crankshaft pulley, the front end of the engine is equipped with multi-slot accessory drive pulley, and can bring a variety of front-end power output apparatus. Flywheel and flywheel housing: SAE 14 "flywheel SAE1 # flywheel housing Engine mounting: before and after the engine is equipped with a total of three stents .24 hour Toll Free 4006088009

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