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Diesel generators dedicated self-circulating water cooling hydrothermal

Date:2016年3月2日 15:58

Yongda Xing diesel generator cooling heat generating work instructions

Work (1) diesel generator

       Will generate a lot of heat, requires cooling water cooled diesel engine, water cooled diesel heat away from both the diesel engine out of the high-temperature cooling water quality is also a need for a cooling medium to cool it, there are two commonly used methods: a species are driven by the diesel engine's fan to the tank temperature cooling water for cooling, commonly known as air-cooled; the other is to cool the inside of the pool or diesel engine cooling water through the cooling tower water, commonly known as water-cooled. 24-hour free hotline -400-6088-009
(2) air-cooled and water cooled with each director

       We can make a choice based on their environment, general units to be relocated frequently, should choose air-cooled, long-term if the unit is fixed, then should choose water-cooled because of demolition of the fan cooling water tank, can reduce unit noise about 10 decibels. At the same time, the power consumed by the fan is about 5% of the unit rated, usually in hot weather areas, often beyond the rated temperature range of diesel engines, resulting in high temperature operation of diesel engine, water cooling can artificially control the level of water temperature, air is restricted . 24-hour free hotline -400-6088-009

(3) water-cooled

       Hot diesel generated when the work flows from the outlet pipe of the diesel engine heat exchanger, the heat exchanger in the cooling pipe cooling water cycle diesel engine, diesel engine circulating hot water back on after being cooled diesel engine, and the diesel engine cooling.
Cold water (4) of the cooling tower is a heat exchanger for cooling water pump pressure to free 24-hour hotline -400-6088-009
         After cooling to the heat exchanger of hot water pipes, cooled by the cooling tower fan cooling. Diesel engine water temperature by adjusting the valve opening to adjust the filter out of the cooling tower cold water filtration, and then into the heat exchanger tube. Water-cooled diesel engine work in engineering can guarantee optimum working temperature of 75-89 degrees Celsius
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